1. Return Policy

    We offer product returns within 3 days from the date of receipt. Products can be returned if they have manufacturing defects, including damaged, peeling, broken, cracked, or valves that cannot be squeezed or sealed properly. The returned product must meet identification requirements.

    For online purchases on official platforms such as e-commerce websites, the official website, and the official fan page:

    • The product must have the official label.
    • The product’s barcode must match the customer’s order information.
    • The product packaging must have a secondary label with information from TCR Company (the official distributor of Marvis in Vietnam).


    • Customers should provide the complete invoice when requesting a return.
    • The return policy does not apply to products received as gifts in Marvis’ promotional programs.
    • Customers are required to record a video before opening the package to file any complaints.

1.1 Full-price Product Return

Customers can exchange the product for another of equivalent or higher value, and they are required to pay the price difference.

1.2 Promotional Product Return

Products returned under this policy will still qualify for ongoing promotions. After the discount, customers can choose another product of equivalent or higher value and pay the price difference.

  1. Return Procedure

    Within 3 days from the date of receipt, if customers meet the specified conditions and wish to return a product, please follow these steps:

    1. Call or send a notification on any of Marvis’ online channels regarding the return. Clearly describe the specific condition (send a video of opening the package) and, if the issue is due to the company’s fault, the company will take full responsibility as committed.
    2. Customers are required to send back the product for return to Marvis. The returned product must be intact and not severely damaged due to deliberate actions.


    • The return is processed according to the brand’s regulations.
    • The return procedure is completed within 7 working days from the date of receiving information, the returned product, and related documents from the customer (excluding the time for re-delivery).
  1. Shipping fees for return

3.1. For Product Exchange

If customers want to exchange the product for another, they will bear the shipping costs for returning the product to the warehouse and delivering the new product to them for the second time.

If Marvis delivers the wrong product, the brand is responsible for both shipping directions, and all associated costs.